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At Granite Bistro we offer locally produced food and inspired dishes from around the globe. We have been working as a catering provider for small events since year 2011 and accordingly in year 2013 Granite Bistro was born to be our home base service. Our Chefs have a wide background of culinary and management, who have flourished their knowledge and experience with achieving their Red Seal certificate. The Catering Menu is designed to be simple, fresh, and user-friendly. We proudly offer catering to office meetings, marketing presentations, large seminars, satellite cooking as well as in house-events with up to 100 people (depending on the venue). Dining room has a capacity of 70 seats and could be changed to any type of event. There is an option to customize your own catering menu. Please speak to our catering manager regarding the type of event you are hosting.

We, as an eco-friendly food service-establishment, will employ all our energy and moral principles to create a trustworthy turn-about in the way that you may think about café style services. The notion of the freshest qualities for a fair value is, highly significant for our company. In fact we believe every individual has the right to enjoy rich daily meals, not only to fuel the body and the mind but also to acquire all the necessary qualities such as: vitamins, healthier oils, proteins and etc. Ultimately our goal is to offer healthier foods, remain consistent, and use Ontario produce. Our customers will enjoy delicious breakfast or lunch enriched with organic bread and Halal chicken that is offered in our Bistro. We are persistently striving to change the way the quick service restaurants are being operated.

Granite Bistro: All in one stay in restaurant & catering services

  • Fully operational walk in restaurant
  • Plenty of healthy choices
  • Great value
  • Amazing service & customer satisfaction guaranteed
240 Duncan Mill Rd Toronto Ontario M3B 3S6